Revenue Ecosystem

The Modern Way To Grow The Profitability Of Your Professional Services Business.

This is Part 1 | The Revenue Ecosystem Series.

If growing your profitable revenue is something you want to achieve then simply changing the way you look at revenue and profit will be a game changer for your bottom line. We call it the  ‘Revenue Ecosystem’ approach.

Revenue as we know it, is broken., and because of that, many B2B-focused SME businesses struggle to increase their profitability.

In today’s evolving business landscape, for SME businesses, particularly professional services ones, to succeed at consistently finding new opportunities and ultimately grow their revenue and profit…it’s critical to change the way they approach revenue as a whole…  And start to look at it more broadly AKA like an ecosystem.


This is a key principle of predictable revenue growth BTW and is a critical cornerstone of RMS Revenue Reimagined Methodology.

In this article, we’re going to explore:

  1. How ‘siloed thinking’ is limiting your revenue + profit opportunities,
  2. Why revenue is bigger than you think, and why this matters,
  3. Why a  Revenue Ecosystem Is the Answer,

‘Siloed Thinking’ Is Limiting Revenue Opportunities + Profitability

A common practice for many businesses today is too look at each area of business as a stand-alone function…that has specific role and responsibilities and goal and focus, and they typically don’t have good communication with other areas of the business. and operate mainly for its own benefit and not for the benefit of the entire organisation. 


The siloed teams or functions often are not guided or managed or coordinated from a central point apart from a retrospective reporting line.. This often leads to one-way communication focused on reporting and singular views and actions against the KPIs and goals of each function. 


In a typical business, when a business thinks of revenue acquisition it looks a little like this:

  1. The Owner or CEO decides what form and function the product or services are
  2. The Owner, CEO, or CFO sets the price to achieve a margin 
  3. The Marketing team works to get leads and brand awareness from how they see the product or service
  4. The Sales team is given targets to meet – and then goes out to the market to get people to buy the product or service and looks to marketing to deliver leads.

This is typically a fairly linear process with limited interactions between the functions.

Linear Sales Process

This way of thinking greatly limits the number of opportunities in your business and increases the number of inefficiencies, risk,s and duplicates you have to earn your income.  If you are too focused on the individual ‘trees’ AKA specific functions or areas like Sales, Marketing, etc rather than the ’ forest.’ AKA Revenue as a whole it’s difficult to reach your revenue potential

When a function is looked at in isolation like a ‘silo’, the business tends to resort to ‘quick fix’ tactics that are more reactive like hiring a new salesperson, upping your marketing spend, implementing new tech or even dropping prices, which tend to treat the symptom rather than understanding all the contributing factors first and then curing the actual issue and deliver the long-term results.

Tightly aligned” companies achieve 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth. [Source: Hubspot]

Revenue Is Bigger Than You Think, And Why This Matters.

When the term ‘revenue’ is raised… most business owners immediately think of income, profit, and sales… and because of this believe that the only influencing factors are sales, marketing, and sometimes client experience. 

But this thinking is limiting your outcomes and revenue opportunities.

In our experience, there are actually many more revenue-influencing areas in every business, beyond the big 3…

In fact, we have identified 14 key revenue-influencing areas that apply to any business. Some businesses may have all but most will have the majority.

The understanding of the full extent of revenue influencing areas in your business and understanding that there is in fact an entire matrix of components and relationships which connect revenue within your business.

This understanding is critical to changing your revenue outcomes. We call it the Revenue Ecosystem.

What Is A Revenue Ecosystem?

Improving and fixing profitable revenue means viewing revenue in your business as an ‘ecosystem’.  Ecosystem thinking helps you to see the bigger picture of your business revenue opportunities and capabilities and this allows you to be more in control and strategic in your approach.

Similarly to an ecosystem in the natural world, a revenue ecosystem can be defined as ‘the inherent interdependence between all the revenue influencing areas within the environment of a business. These areas or components fuel each other to deliver greater value together.  Which put simply means… that when a change is made or occurs in one area it has an impact or influence on other areas to some degree.

The value of the ecosystem approach lies in your ability to use this knowledge to your advantage but by being proactive in looking for these interdependencies and using them understand the implications of any action your take…meaning you can amplify the positives and minimise any negative impacts before they occur.


True Revenue Growth & Profitability Is The Product Of An Ecosystem Approach  Not Simply A Function, Action Or Department Looked At In Isolation.


An ecosystem actively promotes communication between functions and understanding of how each function affects and impacts all the others particularly when a change is made in one area.


This ecosystem approach Is a way of recognising, considering, and utilising these revenue-influencing areas in a practical way resulting in the understanding tha

when a change is made in one area of the ecosystem, there is a cause-and-effect impact on many other areas…so these other areas also need to be considered when making changes to optimise your ecosystem and keep it in balance. 

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In it, we cover:

  • How a  Balanced Revenue Ecosystem = accelerated growth
  • Your Revenue Ecosystem In Action
  • How To Apply This To Your Business

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