Become a master of acquiring
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For B2B focused Small Business Owners, Professionals & Sole Practitioners looking to upskill so they can confidently promote their expertise & business without having to ‘sell’.

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The MBA Small Business Program is a highly practical, actionable, and content-rich program designed specifically for small businesses…with a modern twist.

This is a small business revenue acquisition engine that delivers consistent targeted leads and opportunities without breaking the bank or taking up all of your precious time.

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MBA Is Designed To Help You…

Get the knowledge and practical steps you need to simply and more predictably grow a robust client base & confidently contribute to the revenue growth of your business…

Help you position your business for growth using the same strategies and principles that top business development professionals use successfully every day.

Give you control in your business by delivering a robust system to help you proactively and consistently find new opportunities and clients.

Get better ROI from the effort you put in and the money that you invest in your business…, particularly from marketing,

Get real results, referred work and new clients while you are working through the Program and into the future


Turning you into a sales, marketing or tech guru.

Taking up a tonne of your precious time - a big part of your success rely on working on the things that wil give you the most impact during your non billable hours.

Having to buy any tech or expensive complicated software. There is some use of simple free's 2022. Rest assured, we’ll show you what to do...step by step.

Who Is This Program For:

  • Smaller Business Owners that deal in B2B or want leads and introductions from other businesses. 
  • Businesses that want to upskill full or part time staff to assist to grow the business 
  • Growing businesses that are not ready to employ sales staff and marketers.
  • Smart businesses wanting to get more control of their longer term revenue and also potentially pick up a few quick wins along the way.

Become A Master Of Business Acquisition.

If you want to get more clients via more B2B (business to business) introductions, partners or relationships or targeted direct end clients, The MBA Program can open the doors you need.

People that could:

  • Refer work directly to you (Builder/Architect, Solicitor/Barrister)
  • Recommend you and the type of service you provide  (it may be unique [specialisation] or you may do it differently)
  • Introduce clients to you who may want your service offering
  • Directly engage your business
  • Partner with your business 
  • Groups of people or industry networks that could use your services or introduce you
  • Help get you on the list for preferred or tendered work or greater industry.

The KNow, Like & TRust FActor

Knows you exist, Knows what you do, Knows your expertise, Knows how you can help them, & Knows your specialty.  

Likes you as a person, Likes your company, Likes the way others talk about you, Likes your values and Likes what you do for the industry, Likes the work you do & how you work.

Understands you have a good reputation, Trust that you will do “the right thing”,  and trust you will deliver value to client opportunities that are referred to you.

Get 'Found' By The Right People.

At its core, successful business acquisition Is all about putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time.

It’s about appealing to,  and building relationships with a targeted group of individuals… the ones who are most likely to give you the outcomes you are after.

So building the ‘right’ relationships is key with the right people…and they need to be based on trust.

A simple business truth is this…people will engage and do business with you if they ‘Know, Like, and Trust’ you and your business.

At the heart of MBA, is the philosophy that visibility [know] combined with credibility [like] + trust will ultimately lead to opportunity and as a result, helps you get in front of the group of people who can deliver the outcomes you need.

Pond vs Ocean?

Look at it like this, the main difference between being a master of business acquisition and not, is the same as going salmon fishing with a fly fishing rod and a fly fishing expert in a pond at a salmon farm versus throwing a line, any line, out in the ocean hoping on a wing and a pray that you’ll catch a salmon for dinner, 

The chances of finding and catching salmon in the pond are exponentially higher than in the ocean.

The MBA Small Business Program makes it exponentially easier to find the right group to target and get new opportunities

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Practical Lifelong Skills

MBA isn’t yet another sales, marketing, or Linkedin course…and unlike many other courses. this Program doesn’t teach in a vacuum.

MBA teaches you…

  • First the bigger concepts AKA ‘WHY’ you need to do it …Why it’s critical you grasp a specific concept or strategy.
  • Then shows you HOW to do it … the steps you need to follow to successfully implement it…
  • And finally puts CONTEXT around this knowledge so you understand how the pieces fit together using real life scenarios that you can adapt for your business.

Meaning MBA keeps on giving long after you’ve completed the program… as this knowledge allows you to draw on these concepts and strategies time and again as your business grows.

Why It Works.

The MBA Program has been created on the simple proven fact that new doors will open, and new opportunities will present themselves if you build the right relationships, and share the right knowledge with the right people, at the right time.

Designed to ensure you take action…don't just learn… actually ‘do’ it

Acquire Lifelong skills you can fall back on time and time again

Complement the core skills of any professional who has a passion for their business...

client and business man shaking hands.

The MBA Small Business Program is a culmination of over  25 years of business development, marketing, and management skills experience… filtered, condensed and tuned specifically for small business owners.

How It Works.

MBA provides you and your team, with everything they need to successfully acquire new business.  We don’t share trick tactics … what we do is provide an environment and building blocks that you can implement at your own pace and get feedback when needed.


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We turned the guesswork of client acquisition into a simple linear process. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track progress using reliable metrics.

We drill down on what you need to know and filter out what you don’t.

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critical THINKING

We focus not only on understanding what to do but why it is critical to success. Understand the psychology of why people refer, introduce and invite.

This allows participants to build lifelong skills… that will serve them and your business into the future

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Expand your horizons….It’s hard to change your situation surrounded by the same people & situations. Join an active environment of professional service individuals, share stories, get help, bounce ideas, problem solve, grow your network and celebrate wins.

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No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions and the need for ongoing guidance and support. Get 24/7 access to all the guidance and support in our online community group and training help.



MBA is about taking action and getting results: Better visibility, new clients and opportunities, Professional Development, revenue growth, and profit…

Learn More About MBA Small Business.

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Become A Master of Business Acquisition

Learn how to promote your skills & expertise  with having to ‘sell’