Have you ever missed the chance to quote on new business revenue work by only a matter of moments, days, weeks? 

If you have, you’re not alone.

This is why having a system to debrief the “why” can prove to be of enormous value to your business.

As the old surfing saying goes “No waves today, but you should have been here yesterday!” This same scenario happens to the best at one time or another…Like When a potential client that could grow your business revenue says, ‘Sorry, you’re  too late, we have already awarded it, no more submissions, quotes or tenders are closed….

Likely it’s happened to you or colleges at some point…if I’m totally honest I have to confess I and my sales teams have experienced it on occasions over the years… and regardless of how good your systems are, it’ll inevitably happen to you at some point.

Turn A Negative Into A Positive.

While it may be too late for that particular opportunity (but always re-ask if it is) to win that client and revenue, all is not lost because you can get some value, and often a lot of value, by debriefing what happened.

We can learn an enormous amount from what didn’t go right. Acknowledging and learning from this experience teaches and encourages us to create new ways of thinking and doing. View your mistakes as an educational challenge. 

For clarity, a debrief is asking relevant questions against a completed mission or project to understand and learn from the experience (good and bad). Ongoing practices can then be changed or tweaked and incorporated depending on the findings.  

Ideally debriefs can be a team engagement exercise to understand why you collectively didn’t get to the table. This is a chance to learn, coach and grow, train and suggest tweaks and opportunities for the future. A chance to improve. There’s always room for improvement.

No Excuses – Learn From Your Mistakes.

Debriefs are not about making excuses or assigning blame, but are in this case for better understanding why you were late to the table, in the first place.

Use the debrief to understand if you actually wanted to be there at the table in the first place, and what you could have done differently to ensure you got there.  

A Different Perspective

Try to view things from different angles.

1️⃣ Should your designated company sales process have been aware of the opportunity and flagged it up?  (hopefully, there is a company sales process) 


2️⃣ Secondly, did the individual salespersons do what they were supposed to do in terms of processes and actions?

Ask Yourself.

A few of the broader questions you could ask of either the company and/or the sales representative in the session are:

Were they captured on my A list or my B, C target list.

Was this a business we had a great solution for or was it simply a shoehorn possibility?

Were they already in our pipeline, and what level of communication had we had with them prior.

Do we have a clear understanding of our interactions with them Ie: What do we know about them from our past dealings, was it captured, what happened, was there a next action.

How long ago did we need to be in contact to influence the purchase (purchase lifecycle)

Were we talking to the right person or persons at the right level to be considered for the opportunity? Are we front of mind?

Have we asked them the right questions recently or in the past

This is just the tip of the iceberg There are plenty more but you get the idea. 

If it’s a company you want to work with then take this Q & A and decide what you need to change or tweak any processes or practices to avoid it recurring in the future.

A debriefing protocol has been a critical and valuable part of my sales process for many years and I can honestly say that it works and continues to consistently provide results.

Turn your current misses and failures into future success by having a process in place to learn from your mistakes. 

Even Wins Can Often Be Done Better.

If you want ideas for growing your business revenue, drop me a line and I’d love to set up a chat to see if we can add value to your business.

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